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The best programme for blocking adult and pornographic content on smartphones is Blocker hero mod apk, which will also increase your concentration and productivity.



February 22, 2023

6.0 and up


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How can I install the premium unlocked version of BlockerHero - Porn Blocker MOD APK on Windows?

Install LDPlayer, an Android emulator, by downloading it.
Start the LDPlayer programme.
To add the LDPlayer, drag the BlockerHero – Porn Blocker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) file.
How can I install the premium unlocked version of BlockerHero – Porn Blocker MOD APK on Android phones?

Open BlockerHero – Porn Blocker MOD APK after downloading it (Premium Unlocked).
Touch to install.
Observe the directions on the screen.
If the downloaded OBB contains an OBB file, unzip or extract it and place it in the specified location: The obb apps and games for Android are not set up?

Then, see if the app or game is already installed. If so, remove it and replace it with the one you downloaded.
Verify the storage on your device, and remove any unnecessary files if it has already been filled with unidentified apps, movies, or games.
Check your device type because arm64-v8a and x86 64 programmes cannot be run on armeabi-v7a or x86. Setup CPU-Z

Blocker hero mod apk
Blocker hero mod apk

Before Blocker hero mod apk Download, Have a look at App Info

Block Adult Content
If this setting is turned on, you won’t be able to access adult websites or content through your browser. This functionality also applies to social media apps that use these kinds of phrases.

Removing Protection
The BlockerHero differs from other apps because when utilising this function, you can stop yourself from removing this app until your accountability partner approves.
Device administrator permission (BIND DEVICE ADMIN) is required for this.

Responsible Partner
You can make a friend your accountability partner so that if you want to disable or reset a blocker, you have to consult them first.

Ban websites, terms, and apps
You may simply ban a certain website, term, or app from your blocklist page if it is keeping you from achieving your goals or studying.

Secure Search on YouTube
By default, BlockerHero restricts access to YouTube’s pornographic content. This programme will automatically prevent you from accessing any offensive content on YouTube if you attempt to search for it.

Target Mode
This function is crucial if you wish to be more focused and productive in life.
How it functions In focus mode, you set the focus time (for example, 4:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.), and other apps are prohibited during the active focus time save for calls, texts, and your specially chosen apps.

The following are key permissions the programme needs:

1. Accessibility Service (BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE): You can block pornographic websites and apps on your phone using this permission.
2. System alert window (SYSTEM ALERT WINDOW): This permission allows a blocked window overlay to be shown over the adult content that is blocked.
3. Device admin app (BIND DEVICE ADMIN): This permission is intended to stop you from removing the BlockerHero app from your device.

You and your family are shielded from pornographic content by BlockerHero.

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