Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk download

KineMaster is among the top video editors available for Android users. This video editor is well-known all over the world due to its amazing capabilities. You can download Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk from this page. We always provide genuine apk to our customers.



20 March 2023

6.0 and up

77 MB

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How can I install the Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk download?

If you want to download the original KineMaster Apk without a watermark or restrictions, just follow the instructions below:

  • To download, click the link below.
  • Your downloading will begin soon.
  • The download will take some time.
  • Once the download is finished, select the install button.
  • Congratulations You’ve installed Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk download successfully.

What’s New in the Recent Update?

  • UI Improvements for the Asset Store Audio Section
  • UI Enhancements for the Audio Browser
  • Speed Control Improvements for Expanded Video Layer Support (0.25x – 16x)
  • Pitch Adjustment on Speed Control Tool Improvements and Bug Fixes
Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk download
Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk download

Features of KineMaster

The extensive features of KineMaster Version 6.4.16 make it stand out from other video editor apps. The following details are provided for these characteristics:

Many audio tracks

Play eight or more audio tracks concurrently, depending on your device. Editing audio will be easier and more precise with the help of this feature.

Speed restriction

With no pitch distortion, you can easily change your video speed from 0.25x to 16x for the best slow-motion and time-lapse effects.

Pro audio feature

You can edit audio and video separately, as well as extract audio from videos, and a number of audio formats are supported.

Key to Color

This is one of the best features of the KineMaster Video editor. The chroma key is used to use green screens as video backdrops. These tools let you mix two movies and give any video a unique background.

Using KineMaster, you may record your voice and then include it into any video. You may easily include any kind of music in your video.

Temporary Result

Your picture will outperform conventional action movies thanks to the multiple transitions offered by KineMaster. With these Transitions, you may blend any scenario and shot with ease. Among the several transitions offered by KineMaster are wipe-in, wipe-out, fade, dissolve, and others.

Animations KineMaster enables you to add a variety of animations while editing your films. It provides a huge selection of animations, which raises the aesthetic value of your film.

Your Videos played backward
You can easily advance and reverse your video using KineMaster to give it a new look.

Export videos in 4K (2160p) at a frame rate of 30.

Separate Videos

Using KineMaster, you may cut long videos into smaller chunks.

Duplicate You can use it to duplicate your videos so you have extras for your video creation.

Cutting away useless and unwanted sections of your movie is simple with the crop. This lacks any unique qualities. Since the crop is the most common feature in all video editors. This implies that this capability will be available in all types of video editors. So it’s important to emphasize this point.

Stickers To add animation and elegance to your videos use the many stickers available in this video editor. Every sticker in the huge sticker library gets unlocked in this modified edition. No longer are any additional fees required for any feature.

Capital Depot

The sole difference between Kinemaster Free and Kinemaster Premium is the asset store. Also, you have to spend money on things like graphics, themes, transitions, and much more. You shouldn’t worry about it, though. The Kinemaster 4.16.5 mod apk includes each and every asset for free. We also offer a free asset shop with Alight Motion Pro Video Editor.

Uncomplicated Color Controls

Kinemaster is a video editing program with a wide range of features for both new and experienced users. One of the Kinemaster’s most useful—yet frequently disregarded—features is its color control panel. The color control panel allows users to modify the colors of their videos in a variety of ways, from simple curves and HSL adjustments to more intricate curves, brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments.

create a mixture

It’s one of the most useful aspects of Kinemaster and will also save you time. Because of this, a feature called Make A Mix enables you to download already-produced videos for further editing. Similar replacements can be made for the audio and visual components. any videos you want to publish.

a professional video editor

Computer video editing takes setup, a table, and time. As a result, the vast majority of customers and famous people edit videos on Android smartphones. Because it is effective, quick, and tool-rich, Kinemaster is commonly used for this purpose.

Make life easy for Kinemaster users by selecting a search. The developer has included the finding option. You can locate a variety of items using this option, such as themes, templates, stickers, and typefaces. Videos are edited a lot more swiftly now than they used to be.

fade-in and fade-out effects.

With the Fade in and Fade out features in this updated version of KineMaster, you may enhance your audio. Boost the audio’s attractiveness and quality.

Access Is Free

As we’ve already mentioned, Kinemaster offers both paid and free editions. Nevertheless, the free version has a limited feature set, and the majority of users cannot afford the expensive version. As a result, we developed Kinemaster Mod Apk, which has all the paid features and is accessible to all users for free.

Final Review

To be really honest, this is one of my favorite Android video editors. The chroma key helps it win the race against another video editor. You can export 4K videos and nearly all professional tasks using this video editor.

if you don’t have a computer and require quick editing for your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel. This might be the best video editor on the market for people who edit videos on Android phones.

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