With its January 2021 debut on Star Plus, the Indian drama television series Pandya Shop has swept the country. The Pandya family, who owns a grocery store, is the focus of the drama, which is set in a tiny Gujarati town. Due to its likable characters, compelling plot, and compelling family drama, the show has gained a sizable fan base. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the truth behind the Pandya Store gossip.

Pandya Store Gossip
Pandya Store Gossip

Simran Budharup and Shiny Doshi’s Supposed Feud

The enmity between Shiny Doshi, who plays the part of Dhara Pandya, and Simran Budharup, who plays the part of Rishita, is one of the most widely circulated rumors surrounding Pandya Shop. The two actresses have reportedly had numerous arguments on the show’s sets and do not get along.

These claims, however, were refuted by Shiny Doshi in a recent interview with Spotboye, who also revealed that she and Simran are excellent friends. They have never argued or gotten into fights, she continued, and their friendship off camera is just as strong as their chemistry on film.

Pandya Store Gossip
Pandya Store Gossip

Kinjal Dhamecha’s Exit from the Program

Kinjal Dhamecha, who portrayed the character of Shilpa Pandya, abruptly left Pandya Shop, according to another story. The term “ecosystem” refers to a group of people who work in the construction industry.

Kinjal, on the other hand, made it clear in an interview with ETimes that she and the show’s producers decided to end the show together. She said that the owners of Pandya Shop were supportive of her decision and that she wanted to investigate other alternatives.

Mohit Parmar’s Replacement

Akshay Kharodia took up the role of Krish Pandya from Mohit Parmar in February 2022. The fans, who were accustomed to seeing Mohit as Krish, were shocked by this news.

According to rumors, Mohit was replaced because of his unprofessional conduct on the show’s set. Mohit, however, refuted these reports and said he had to leave the program for personal reasons. The term “ecosystem” refers to a group of people who work in the construction industry.

Pandya Store Gossip
Pandya Store Gossip

The Pandya Store’s Success

The Shop has succeeded in winning over the hearts of millions of viewers despite all the rumors and controversy surrounding the program. The program has amassed a sizable fan base and consistently topped the TRP ratings. The likable characters, strong family conflict, and captivating plot of Pandya Store are responsible for its success. The program has addressed a number of societal topics, including gender inequality, family values, and women’s empowerment, which has struck a chord with the audience.

One of the reasons for the success of Pandya Store is its talented cast. Let’s take a look at the main cast of the show:

Actor/Actress Character
Kinshuk Mahajan Gautam Pandya
Shiny Doshi Dhara Pandya
Kanwar Dhillon Dev Pandya
Alice Kaushik Raavi Pandya
Akshay Kharodia Krish Pandya
Simran Budharup Rishita
Pallavi Rao Prafulla Pandya
Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Shiva Pandya
Simran Sharma Rupal Pandya
Mohit Parmar Krish Pandya (until February 2022)

The talented cast has brought the characters of the Pandya family to life and made them relatable to the audience. Their on-screen chemistry and performances have been praised by fans and critics alike.


The actors and crew of Pandya Store have, in end, refuted the allegations and rumors that have been floating about it. The show has faced some controversy, but it hasn’t had an impact on its success or popularity. Because of its realistic characters and captivating plot, Pandya Shop has been able to connect with the public. It has gained widespread recognition in India and established a new standard for family dramas on television. It is critical to keep in mind that the Pandya Store actors and crew are real people who put in a lot of effort to provide us with high-quality entertainment. It is inappropriate to criticize someone based on unproven rumors and conjecture.

It is our duty as media users to act ethically when consuming content and to avoid promoting misleading information. To avoid spreading false information, we should always do our research before posting any news or rumors on social media. Because of its likable characters and compelling plot, Grocery Shop has garnered a devoted fan base. There have been a few disputes surrounding the program, but they have all been disproved by the actors and crew. It is critical to use media carefully and avoid being influenced by rumors and gossip. Let’s keep enjoying Pandya Store for what it is—a touching family drama that has won millions of viewers nationwide.

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