Looking for the best things to do in Bangkok? From exploring ancient temples to trying the city’s famous street food, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Don’t miss out on the contrast between modern shopping malls and traditional Buddhist temples, or the chance to experience the bustling floating markets. Despite its chaotic and busy atmosphere, Bangkok is a thrilling destination for travelers. If you’re visiting for the first time, our top picks and travel advice will help you make the most of your trip.
Bangkok’s bustling atmosphere requires a lot of energy. The consequences of the constant crowd and the relentless heat are felt by unprepared tourists. Visitors are drawn to the city by this exotic excess even if it appears to be overrun with everything from heat to people. Here you may find the biggest open-air market in the world, a world-class aquarium housed in an eight-story shopping mall, a 150-foot golden Buddha statue, and much more. Enjoy this city’s delightful quirkiness and great surprises.

Explore ancient templesFrom the grand palace to Wat Pho, there are countless temples to explore in Bangkok, each with its own unique history and beauty.
Try street foodBangkok is famous for its street food, which is both delicious and affordable. Sample the local cuisine at Silom Soi 20 or at one of the city’s many street food vendors.
Visit a floating marketGet a unique and vibrant experience by visiting one of Bangkok’s famous floating markets. Popular options include Khlong Lad Mayom, Taling Chan, and Damnoen Saduak.
Watch the sunset at Wat ArunEnd the day by taking in the beautiful sunset over Wat Arun from a rooftop bar.
Visit the Grand PalaceThe main attraction of the Grand Palace is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, but the complex also features elaborately decorated structures and palaces worth seeing.
Visit Wat PhoWat Pho is famous for its enormous reclining Buddha and authentic Thai massage. It also houses an intriguing collection of sculptures, inscriptions and murals.
Snack on Scorpions on Khao San RoadFor the adventurous foodies, Khao San Road offers the opportunity to snack on Scorpions, deep-fried, and served on a stick.
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there is a tonne of fantastic restaurants in Bangkok
there is a tonne of fantastic restaurants in Bangkok

Where in Bangkok can you find the best food? It’s up to you to discover your “favorite location,” but there is a tonne of fantastic restaurants in Bangkok.
Street food is incredibly affordable ($1 to $2 per dish) and available all around the city. In fact, it’s practically impossible to stroll along a street in the middle of town without coming across a food vendor.
We didn’t have to travel very far to sample the street cuisine at Silom Soi 20 because we were staying in Bangkok’s Silom neighborhood. It was all wonderful, too. Even writing this makes me crave returning to Bangkok just for the food.

Visit a floating market if you want a vibrant, unusual experience. There are several to sample in Bangkok, some of which are more well-known than others.
Khlong Lad Mayom and Taling Chan are the most well-liked restaurants in central Bangkok. You can use public transit to get here. Only Saturday and Sunday mornings are designated for these markets.
Make the 100-kilometer trip to Damnoen Saduak from Bangkok to enjoy the famous floating market. A river brimming with wooden boats and people peddling snacks and vibrant flowers can be found here.

Getting a seat at a rooftop bar and watching the sun go down over Wat Arun is a fantastic way to end the day. You can eat dinner at The Deck Restaurant at Arun Residence, but we drank drinks (and took the shot below) at Eagles Nest Bar.

street food in Bangkok
street food in Bangkok

There are countless temples to explore, much like there are floating markets and street food in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace is a sizable collection of palaces and temples. The main attraction of a trip to this location is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), although the elaborately decorated structures are also worth seeing. Be prepared to spread the word about this trip widely.

Walk a few blocks to Wat Pho to witness a huge, golden reclining Buddha. You won’t be let down.

Wat Saket, Wat Mahatat, and Wat Suthat are a few more to check out if you haven’t “templed out” yet.

Wat Pho Bangkok
Wat Pho is more than just its enormous reclining Buddha and authentic Thai massage. This famous temple is home to an intriguing collection of sculptures, inscriptions, and murals that explore a wide range of topics, including archaeology, astronomy, and warfare. The enormous temple complex also houses the College of Traditional Medicine, a gift shop, a landscaped garden with stone sculptures, and stupas decorated with glazed porcelain.

A scorpion: Would you eat it? Did you even realize you could do that?

Whether or not you enjoy eating insects, Khao San Road is still worth a quick trip. Restaurants, bars, and hostels for travelers can be found on this small strip. And yes, it’s also where you can find fried scorpions, one of Bangkok’s most daring street dishes.

These scorpions become a little more alluring after a few too many cocktails at one of the bars on Khao San Road.

Having tried them, I can say that they’re really not that horrible. Scorpions have a crunchy texture, and no, they don’t taste like chicken; rather, they have a bacon- or beef jerky-like flavor.

Try it out, and then let us know how it went in the comments section below.

Sky Bar Bangkok
Sky Bar Bangkok

Sky Bar Bangkok
From the top of State Tower, one of Bangkok’s highest structures, Sky Bar offers expansive views. The bar is tucked away in a nook of the famed, outdoor Sirocco restaurant on the 64th level and features a highly noticeable golden dome. The counter at Sky Bar is lit and alternates colors periodically.
The best live jazz in Bangkok can be found at Sky Bar. Distill, another area where everyone desires to be seen, is also situated at the Dome. Distill provides premium single-malt Scotches like Macallan and Glenmorangie together with a small carafe of real Scottish water. It is a hybrid DJ bar, smoking lounge, and restaurant.

American businessman and architect Jim Thompson was instrumental in reviving the Thai silk industry in the 20th century. He built his Thai-style residence in Bangkok in the 1950s and furnished it with artifacts he had amassed from all over the world. When Jim Thompson was in Malaysia in 1967, he inexplicably vanished.


I love the Chatuchak Market. Every weekend, thousands of stores selling food, apparel, trinkets, and household products cover 27 acres. Don’t only anticipate flashy trinkets and inexpensive clothing… You may buy stylish clothing, exquisite jewelry, and handcrafted items of the highest caliber. Be ready to haggle and enjoy yourself.

Chao Phraya river Bangkok
The Chao Phraya Riverside, one of the most picturesque regions, displays a continuously shifting panorama day and night: water taxis and fully loaded rice barges moving upstream, set against a backdrop of sparkling temples and opulent hotels. Some of Bangkok’s oldest communities may be found in the areas between Wat Arun and Phra Sumeru Fortress, particularly Bangkok Noi with its lovely atmosphere of stilt houses along the intricate waterways.

Chao Phraya river Bangkok
Chao Phraya river Bangkok

The largest park in Bangkok is called Lumphini Park. People from all over the city gather in the mornings to walk, jog, utilize the fitness equipment, and practice Tai Chi. This is an excellent location to get away from the busy city streets and observe a more serene and tranquil side of Bangkok.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is Bangkok a desirable travel destination?

Millions of tourists go to Bangkok every year because it provides an outstanding example of how cultural tradition and modernity can coexist. It offers top-notch cuisine, breathtaking historical sites, and some of the best hospitality in the world.

What is the best time to visit Bangkok?

The country has three main seasons namely summer which extends from March to June, the monsoon or rainy season from July to October, and the relatively cooler winter season which runs from November to February. Winter is the best time to visit Bangkok. The days tend to be cooler and the evenings much more pleasant.

best time to visit Bangkok

Do three days suffice for Bangkok?

Before continuing on to tour the rest of Thailand, three days in Bangkok are the ideal amount of time to get to know the city. Bangkok is the most interesting city in Southeast Asia and a great place to start your trip to Thailand.

three days in Bangkok are the ideal

Where in Bangkok should you stay if you can?

The 8 Best Areas In Bangkok To Stay
Area of Khao San and Banglamphu.
Riverside in Bangkok.
Sukhumvit Area.
Chinatown Area
Silom Area.
Suvarnabhumi International Airport Area
Pratunam Area.
Siam Area.

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